wireless charging

Wireless charger.

Fed up of frayed cables and dodgy connections? It may be time to up your game and invest in a wireless charger. The handy charging pads allow you to fuel up your phone without the faff of detangling cables, and some can also charge both iPhones and Androids so everyone in your household can benefit.

Wireless charger
Wireless charger

Bundle and Save

  • As your smart-device collection grows, your charging cables inevitably become unorganized, cluttered and unmanageable. We develop easy to use wireless charging solutions that eliminate messy cables so that you can live a more organized lifestyle alongside your technology.



Charging Station

4 in 1 Charger Station: The charging station for multiple devices can charge 4 devices at a time; wireless earphones, smartwatch, and 2 mobile phones. Secure Charging: The wireless charging stand provides secure charging for all of your devices through its smart and secure system. The wireless charger controls the current flow and protects your devices from the current overflow, voltage fluctuation, over-charging, overheating, over-current and controls the temperature.